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windows 2011 | Simul 5 Complex Release 2011 (portable) /sites/all/res/downloader/locked.png
The program is packed in a zip file. Simply unzip and run Simul 5.exe
pdf 2007 | Simul 5 - Quick guide /sites/all/res/downloader/unlocked.png
A simple manual to Simul 5. Unfortunately, our experience tells us that the manual is by far not exhaustive. Feel free to contact us for any assistance...
pdf 2011 | Simul 5 Complex Manual /sites/all/res/downloader/unlocked.png
Extension of Simul 5 - Quick guide to the complex mode.

What is Simul?

  • Simul is a freeware program which performs simulation of the movement of ions in liquid solutions in the electric field. It solves sets of nonlinear partial differential equations and nonlinear algebraic equations describing the continuity of ionic movement and acid-base equilibria.
  • Simul is useful for people engaged in electromigration separation methods, e.g. capillary electrophoresis and isotachophoresis.

What are typical uses of Simul

  • To simulate experimental runs and optimize separation conditions (buffers, injection) you utilize, either in capillary zone electrophoresis or isotachophoresis or isoelectric focusing.
  • To inspect or explain unusual phenomena observed in experiments: system peaks (zones), overshoots, peak distortion.
  • To inspect stacking and preconcentrating analytes, resonance phenomena.
  • To show to students how electrophoresis works.

Features of Simul 5 Complex

  • Mathematical model of electromigration accounts for any number of multivalent electrolytes or ampholytes
  • Simul 5 Complex includes a database based on Takeshi Hirokawa's tables with the data of many ions. Simul enables Onsager-Fuoss correction of mobilities for ionic strength and Debye-Hückel calculations of activity coefficients.
  • Complexation mode of the Simul 5 Complex enables to simulate electrophoretic separations in systems with complexation agents such as, e.g., cyclodextrins, so it enables to simulate enantioseparation in electrophoresis.