Resolution Analyzer


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windows 2015 | Resolution Analyzer 2015 (portable) /sites/all/res/downloader/locked.png
The program consists of a single ResolutionAnalyzer.exe file. We packed the file into a zip file just because we do not like the .exe files being downloaded directly.
pdf 2015 | Resolution Analyzer - Manual /sites/all/res/downloader/unlocked.png
The step-by-step manual for the Resolution Analyzer. You mau also find the theoretical part instructive, if interested in how and why the various measures of peaks exist in chromatography and electrophoresis.


The purpose of this simple application is to demonstrate several approaches that evaluate resolution of two peaks in analytical chemistry. Our prime intention is to show the limitation of the classical peak resolution function, Rs, and to introduce a new resolution function, R, which is more generally applicable. An additional benefit of the Peak Analyzer lies in using it as educational software as it clearly illustrates all common aspects of the peak resolution analysis.

The two peaks are modelled mathematically, while their positions, heights, dispersions and asymmetries can be gradually changed by the user. Analytical resolution of the two modelled peaks is calculated according to various strategies. Other related parameters such as peak half-width, inflex point position, peak area overlap, etc. are also available. Apart from a numerical report, the parameters can be explored graphically as can be the two peaks and their overall (envelope) profile.